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B'nai Mitzvah

Let your children take their first spiritual steps with a full belly!

Order time-honored nosh to lighten your child’s spirit and wow everyone’s taste-buds.

First, allow us to ask some questions

1. Are you looking for fresh, hand-rolled bagels?

2. A nice Rye bread with all the caraway?

3. What about dessert platters overflowing with flavor?

4. A freshly baked chocolate babka to share with your Bubbe?

Answered “Yes” to everything?

Then order Zeitlin's B’nai Mitzvah Catering now.

Zeitlin’s is with you every step of the ceremony!

We cater specific menus for different moments.
Pick and choose what you would enjoy for your special day 😀



  • Coffee/Tea

  • Cookie platter

  • Dessert platter


  • Appetizers

  • Catered meals (salads, soup, entrees*)


  • Custom dishes. We give you options to choose from!

Next Morning


  • Breads/Bagels

  • Fish platters

  • Meat platters

The importance of  quality food.

It is an overwhelming joy for parents to see their young ones take their first steps on their spiritual journey.

A big part of becoming a B'nai Mitzvah is gaining access to the Jewish culture and our food is a crucial part of it!

Order our B'nai Mitzvah catering to create memorable moments in your family's life.

By Sam Zeitlin
Chef-owner of Zeitlin’s Delicatessen
picture of Sam

The oven is on!

Order now and have your special day filled with delicious nosh.
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Turn a special day into an unforgettable one
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