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You've hungered for authentic nosh. 
Yearn no more, Zeitlin's is here.

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High Holiday Meals

Satisfying meals you'll be proud to serve to friends and family.

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Rosh Hashana
$ 100.00 USD
for 4 people

All the great offerings of the bagel box plus a hefty serving a lox to go with Chicago's best.

Yom Kippur Meal
$ 40.00 USD
per month

All the great offerings of the bagel box plus a hefty serving a lox to go with Chicago's best.

It's hard to get good bagels and Jewish food in Chicago.

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We've Got You.
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But these aren't NYC Bagels...

At Zeitlin's, we never wanted to re-invent the wheel. At the heart of it, we just wanted to make food people love. After spending 12 years in the culinary world, founder Sam Zeitlin realized that in Chicago, it was extremely difficult to find a quality bagel that reminded him of the Jewish Delicatessens he found back home on the East Coast.

With a knowledge for food by his side, Sam took to experimenting with different recipes. Over many years, he drew inspiration from the best bagels making techniques from throughout the country. We don't do New York Bagels, Montreal Bagels, or Chicago Bagels here. We do Zeitlin Bagels, and the difference is, you can taste the comfort of home in just one bite.

Generous seasoning,
satisfying chew

All our breads, condiments and meals are prepared with quality ingredients, and we partner with local vendors whenever possible. Zeitlin's doesn't take shortcuts: our bake days start in the wee hours of the morning, most menu items take multiple days to prepare, and we don't skimp on ingredients.

Hand-crafted artisan recipes take time to create. If you are seeking wholesome food in your life, Zeitlin's is here for you!

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Brothers making

Sam Zeitlin has spent a lifetime in the culinary arts with a dedication towards baking. With a degree from The Culinary Institute of America, Sam has cooked at many Michelin star restaurants and won the Star Chefs Rising Baker award in 2021.

Hal Zeitlin owns a low-code digital agency and brings to Zeitlin's Delicatessen the digital infrastructure necessary to feed many mouths with only a small team in the kitchen.

Sam and Hal are on a mission to share their childhood favorites with people of all backgrounds. In 2022, the brothers will launch Knishes for Chicago - a charitable arm dedicated to feeding Chicagoans without access to food, delicious food. If you would like to support our effort, please email us!

Who Is Bagel Boy?
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The delicatessen spirit is waning.

Average ingredients are commonplace, the younger generation lacks interest in continuing the culture, and a serious lox and bagel sandwich is hard to find.

Treks to distant delicatessens are not accommodating to the busy pace of modern life.

Bagel boy roams Chicago, providing artisan Jewish recipes for all. You may find him at the Farmers Market or at your doorstep. He delights the youth, nourishes the masses and honors the elders. Bagel boy respects the heritage of Jewish nosh, while providing modern touch and flair.

Bagel boy is authentic, friendly, and born to bring the delicatessen light to Chicago, and one day, the entire United States.

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But how do I get the food?!
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We are at the following locations:
South Loop Farmers Market (Grant Park)
- Thursdays (4pm - 8pm)
South Loop Farmers Market (Printers Row)
- Saturdays (9am - 1pm)
Logan Square Farmers Market
- Sundays (9am - 3pm)!
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