Frequently Asked Questions
Where do you deliver?

We deliver to the DC metro area (plus Richmond and Coastal VA), New York City, Philadelphia, the Bay Area, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Southern California, a large chunk of the East Coast and NE Region, and growing!

How much does it cost?

Our pricing ranges based on meal size, and varies on some select menu items.

When do you deliver?

Depending on where you are located, our delivery hours vary.

In our East Coast region, deliveries start as early as 10am, and continue until 10pm the day of delivery (Sunday & Wednesday).

In LA, Orange County, San Diego, deliveries start in the early afternoon and continue until 9pm the day of delivery (Sunday & Wednesday).

In Texas, deliveries start in the early afternoon and continue until 10pm the day of delivery (Sunday & Wednesday).

In San Francisco & the Bay area, deliveries start in the early afternoon and continue until 9pm the day of delivery (Sunday & Wednesday).

*Because of these possible nighttime hours, we can't always call-in, buzz in, or knock on your door. So please provide detailed delivery instructions during the checkout process. This helps us get you your food when you need it.

How does your menu work?

Our menu is designed to provide a variety of options for our customers that changes weekly. With the addition of seasonal and A La Carte menu items, we aim to keep our menu fresh and exciting. The ultimate goal of our menu is for each week to have a balance of flavors, proteins, and dietary templates, while also balancing chef capacity.

How do you ensure accurate nutritional information on your meals?

Our professional nutrition analysis team uses a commercial software program based on the Atwater system for determining energy values. We consider every aspect of our food and how the recipe is prepared. This includes factors such as the amount of salt absorbed during marinating, and water or oil lost during cooking.

How long do your meals stay fresh?

All our meals are good for 3 days after the delivery date. Some ingredients naturally hold up better than others, so we include suggestions on the packaging for which meals to eat earliest. For example, we suggest eating any leafy green salad first.

If you are unable to eat your meal within those 3 days, you can freeze them!

How do I customize my menu?

For first time orders, you'll be prompted to customize your menu throughout the order process. Once you get to the Meals page, select 'Edit Meals' under each delivery day. Be sure to save your selections!

For recurring orders, you'll need to be logged into your account to customize your menu. Once logged in, select 'Customize Menu' in the top toolbar. Under each day, click to 'Customize Meals' and make your selections.On the customize meals page you can jump between dietary preferences and filters at the top of the menu. Be sure to save your selections!

What are your meal quantity minimums and maximums?

You can select up to 2 deliveries per week. Per delivery, the meal minimum is 3, with the maximum being 12. There is a potential for as little as 6 meals per week, or as many as 24 meals per week.

I’m going to be out of town. How do I skip a week?

Skipping a week is a great option when your schedule has variants. If you'd like to Skip a Week, scroll to the bottom of your menu timeline, and click to "Skip A Week". From there, select the weeks you’d like to skip by clicking the toggle. The toggle should turn red. Click to ‘Update’, and you’re all set! You’ll receive a confirmation email that this has been done.